Muhammad Aslam


M.B.A, Fellow ICMAP, Fellow EDI - World Bank,
Fellow Instt. of Bankers in Pakistan,
Associate ADFIAP

Contact with Him


The author was born in India, now Indian Punjab, in August 1936. He migrated to Pakistan in 1947. The
majority of the people who migrated were in difficulties, but when the family losses the bread winner,
it becomes very difficult to pass the time. His father died in 1948 hence life became miserable and the hardship faced cannot be properly described in words. He was helped by the other family members.

He appeared in Matriculation examination in 1952 but failed. He tried again and passed the same in
1953. He continued his efforts and was able to earn the followings

Master of Business Administration (1969) from the University of the Karachi.
• Fellowship: Cost and Management Accountants Pakistan.
• Fellowship: Institute of Bankers in Pakistan.
• Fellowship: Economic Development Institute of the World Bank.
• Associate ship: Association of the Development Financing Institutions in Asia and the Pacific (ADFIAP), head quartered in Manila.

He started his career as a labourer at 8 annas a day (half Rupee) in 1953 and worked in Private and Public sectors up to 1969. After qualifying MBA, he was lucky enough to get a job as a Financial Analyst in First National City Bank, now CityBank. He was able to pursue his career in Banks and related fields. With the blessings of Allah (az) and His Prophet (s) he finally rose to the top position.

Managing top positions in public sector is very difficult as one has to compromise on many issue, not allowed as part of official decorum to accommodate the king makers and their cronies. Life becomes extremely difficult if one is not related to some high ranking Government official or senior politicians. He retired from service in 1997.

He has addressed training sessions of the Asian Development Bank and the Islamic Development Bank. He has also taught the MBA classes at the University level.

He has travelled around the globe and visited 32 countries in four continents. He also saw the seven wonders of the World and was also lucky enough to walk on the China Wall.

He has lived in Indian Punjab in young age and in various cities of Punjab – Pakistan. He moved to Karachi in 1962 and pursued further education from B.Com. onward. He has also lived in Canada for short periods (intermittently) and most of the readings and partially writing of this book was accomplished there.

Love, Love and Love is the message to lead life successfully. The additional lesson is that if one starts the journey and follows it on with sincere efforts, clean heart and with good intention ‘niat’ then one would reach the destination one day.

Muhammad Aslam